2016 Cabrinha XO

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2016 Cabrinha XO-130 x 39 1

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Women´s Freestyle/Freeride

2016 Cabrinha XO


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UVP des Herstellers: 649,00 €

Sonderpreis 349,00 €




127 x 38 / 130 x 39 / 133 x 40 / 136 x 41

Rider Profile: The XO is specifically made for women who want to progress their freestyle and freeriding.

The XO is made for you, girl! It has been specially designed to deliver high performance while maintaining a silky smooth ride in a heap of conditions. We engineered this board with the clear cut details you asked for, like appropriate sizes and widths, narrower stance options, a soft and responsive flex, and it’s lighter weight too. We’ve also made sure the performance characteristics you need, like sharp and responsive board control, and stability for landings are consistent with the performance you want.

The single concave in the middle of the board holds the highest amount of power possible so the board works for you holding its edge. The quad concave tips finish off the design by delivering a smooth ride. The XO will get you up out of the water quickly, keep you upwind and deliver impressive performance, making it the ideal choice for women of all levels.


Features & Benefits:

  • Soft and responsive flex pattern
  • Smooth ride in a variety of conditions
  • Comfortable stance options
  • Effortless pop
  • Forgiving landings
  • Light-weight construction
  • Includes 40mm fins, handle & mounting hardware


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Hersteller Cabrinha
Modell XO Siren


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