2019 Starboard Carve IQ Starlite

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Plug and play freeride. Maximum performance, minimum fuss.

2019 Starboard Carve IQ Starlite


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UVP des Herstellers: 1.499,00 €

Sonderpreis 1.049,00 €



– New StarLite Technology –

– Flax Balsa models comes with a Ready To Foil box –

– Yulex Footstraps. The world’s first footstraps made with natural rubber –


104  –  114  –  124

These three sizes are extra short for more control in highwinds, making them more reactive and maneuverable. The tails are wide, making them more stable at speed with more power to go upwind a wider wind range overall. To improve jibing and liveliness at speed, more Vee across the bottom was added in the development.


131  –  141

Sizes designed for easy planing. They are longer with smooth profiles that glide on to the plane effortlessly. The squash nose aims to reduce deadweight at the tip of the nose without affecting the ease of getting planing. As result, the boards have more high wind control and feel more reactive. More Vee throughout the board improves jibing and comfort through chop.


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